Main Offices and Contacts

Magan Star HQ
Laanta Hawada
Bossaso, Somalia

Mogadishu Office
Magan Star Company
Aden Adde Airport Road
Mogadishu, Somalia

Hargeisa Office
Magan Star Company
Jigjiga Yar
Hargeisa, Somaliland

Tel: +25290710754
Tel: +25290489260
Email: info@maganstar.com
Website: www.maganstar.com
About Us

    Magan Star is a private organisation that aims to be the leading renewable energy solutions provider for homeowners and businesses in Somalia. It was established in May 2012 with the goal of being the market leader in the sustainable energy sector. The company is presently working on a wind and solar farming in Bossaso that will produce and distribute sustainable energy and develop innovative sustainable energy solutions. We are proud to be the first commercial renewable energy provider in Somalia and the number one 'greenest' energy solutions provider. 
    The company also provides consultancy services in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency, environment and economic development. Magan Start is offering consultancy services of project appraisal, project planning and management, development of feasibility studies, environmental and energy studies. Magan Star also provides end to end solutions to its customers for their projects. We are in business for a purpose: to help create a cleaner world and a sustainable future. Our focus, with direct and indirect implications for poverty alleviation, substantially contributes to this objective. Our customised technical solutions and services are dedicated to investment firms, energy groups, banks and public authorities involved in the development and/or acquisition of renewable and power plants.
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