Magan Star has partnered with Kaamil, a microfinance institution, to provide 250 small businesses and household solar products and services through microcredic and microfanchise model. This business model allows for quick start up and on-going support to nascent businesses. Electricity is very expensive in Somalia, hence the provision of solar products via micro lending is expected to be the most successful model for both the Kaamil and franchisees.  Magan Star provides franchisees with the opportunity to improve their independence and standard of living through a reliable source of increased income, in this way creating a sustainable economic approach to addressing development needs. Magan Star’s products are inexpensive, effective, and easy to maintain. All products are constantly re-evaluated to be best suited to the populations they are designed for. Learning from franchisees about what kind of products are in demand keeps the brand competitive and citizen-focussed. This approach reorients the supply chain of products to the end user, changing the way products are delivered to the world’s poorest citizens.

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