To develop its projects, Magan Star has established partnerships with leading organisations that are in the field of renewable energy, environment, and economic development, and consultancy services.


    Ministry of Environment, Range Wildlife and Tourism, Puntland State of Somalia

    The Ministry for the Environment, Range Wildlife and Tourism is responsible for leading the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. The Ministry encourages, supports and promotes energy efficiency, energy conservation and the use of renewable sources of energy in Puntland. The Ministry recognises Magan Star as the number one private sector organisation that is leading the promoting of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions in Puntland. Magan Star is providing the Ministry technical assistance in energy policy related issues and the development and management of sustainable environment in Puntland. 

    Ministry of Fisheries and Ports, Puntland State of Somalia

    Ministry of Fisheries and Ports is responsible for the development of the fishing industry. The fishing industry is ranked as the second highest income earner for the population of Puntland, after livestock. It provides direct employment to thousands of people during the eight-month fishing season, as well as indirect employment for people working in restaurants and enterprises. The fishing industry lack effective and affordable energy to its vital cold storage facilities. Magan Star partnering is with the Minisry to provide wind energy to power the coastal cold store facilities. The provision of alternative energy along Puntland’s extensive coastline, would provide alternate opportunities to that of piracy. Opportunities such as the expansion of the important fisheries sector through the provision of cold storage facilities; improvement of access or the expansion of telecommunications and remittance companies. 


    Geopolicity is an international management consulting firm with an international reputation for excellence in the area of national economic growth, emerging markets, public sector management and services. Magan Star is partnering on energy and economic and social development programmes in Somalia. 

    Kaamil Microfinance Institution and HLH

    Kaamil microfinancing institution is a HLH initiative, and is formed to help active young people to realize their full potential through financial assistance in the form of microloan through start up packages or business development products. HLH – Kaamil cooperation aims to enhance youth self- employment opportunities, and to eradicate poverty. Magan Star has signed up a microfranchise model with Kaamil to provide solar energy products and services to 150 clients (businesses and households) of Kaamil.

    Somali Economic Forum 

    The Somali Economic Forum (SEF) is an independent organization committed to improving the state of Somalia by engaging, all leaders of society such as business, political and academic leaders to form regional and industry programs. The partnership between Magan Star and SEF is based on shared vision, values and goals. SEF is organizing a high level investment conference in Nairobi, Kenya, in June 2013. The conferences will be the first of its kind to be held for Somalia. 

    Puntland State Agency for Water, Energy and Natural Resources (PSAWEN) 

    PASWEN is the sole institution responsible for water, energy and minerals, and was established as an autonomous agency under the Office of the President. Magan Star has signed cooperation agreement to feed electricity from Magan Star wind turbines to the national grid. The cooperation is based on Public Private Partnership initiative. 


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