Renewable Energy

    We plan to offer a wide range of services to the alternative and renewable energy industry in Somalia. From the initial stages of assessing project feasibility, to project oversight, design, fabrication, installation and start-up, Magan Star is able assist. Magan services employ effective and time efficient practices in project development that are considerate of technical, financial and administrative aspects dictated by each stage of the project. Such practices are vital in power projects in order to identify and save unnecessary and huge overheads during execution.
    Our services are designed for private investors, lenders, other financial institutions, public sector and donor agencies, as well as energy and industrial groups. Our team is composed of the leading experts for each specific energy field.
    Magan is providing services in the following areas:
    1. 1.Wind Power

    2. 2.Solar Photovoltaic Power

    3. 3.Concentrated Solar Power

    4. 4.Geo Thermal Energy

    5. 5.Bio Energy – Biomass, Biogas, Bio Diesel 
    6. 6.Coal Power

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